Clever Custom Staff Login Method

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Clever Custom Staff Login Method

Posted by Bouton Adalene on Saturday, 22 February, 2020 12:48:01

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Special staff roles. If someone has a new role as a school's Instructional Coach, Instructional Technology Assistant (ITA), or Counselor, email Granger Meador, Exec. Dir. of Technology & Communications, with their name, site, and job role so that he can set up a staff account for them in Clever.. That will allow them to login to Clever, even if they are not a classroom teacher, and have

How to manage custom data; How do I create a custom staff member or school administrator in Clever? How do I filter and view usage metrics in Clever Analytics? Login Method: This number reflects the number of unique user logins by login type. Users will be counted twice if they log in

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I am now planning on training my first Skype training with my researcher and preparing a manual has been easy because the interface is so simple. Using CleverStaff has also given me an added edge over my competition because none of the clients I work with have worked with a recruiter who uses an ATS like this one."

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