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Posted by Brallier Adelise on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 08:25:42

Our Brands (List item 2 of 8) View Children Navigation Items of Our Brands right-carrot. left-carrot Go up one navigation level from Our Brands Victoria's Secret (List item 1 of 3) Bath & Body Works (List item 2 of 3) Pink (List item 3 of 3)

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Three Limited Parkway Columbus, OH 43230 Phone: 614-415-7000. Twitter social media; If you require accessibility support because of a disability, please call 855-556-2675 or email [email protected] An L Brands associate will respond to your message as soon as reasonably possible

L Brands hosts a live quarterly earnings web cast to recap the previous quarter's earnings results. You may also access the live conference call by dialing 1-866-363-4673, (Conference ID 6798696). An archive of the broadcast will be available for seven days following the live call.

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